About Me

My name is Jena and I am a photographer in Burnaby, BC. I have four minions who know  me as "mommy/mamma/mom/ma" and we all belong to an obnoxious black cat and her playful counterpart, Abu.

Motherhood gifted me subjects that are endlessly entertaining and authentic - I am truly blessed to have so many creative opportunities in my life. I love fading into the background and observing, snapping the moments that are genuine and true. Photography enables me to freeze time speeding by like lightning so that someday, when things slow down, we have images to reflect upon and return to. Proof that there was joy in the chaos even though we may not have seen it when we were standing in the storm :)

What Clients Say

“Jena was a pleasure to work with for our community ‘Back to School Blast’ event last year. She was professional, pleasant, excellent with the children, and produced high quality photos in a very timely manner. The parents were so thankful for the treasured memories she provided, and we were so grateful that Jena volunteered her time to serve the community in this way. We definitely look forward to working with her again!”

Cheryl McManus, Community Events Director, CityReach Care Society

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"Jena was my photographer of choice for my daughter's 1st Birthday party! I looked at her work prior to booking her and was in love with how she photographs events, her images are personal and natural. Jena was so great to work with, she listened to my needs and did such a wonderful job. She captured my daughter's birthday party exactly how I imagined. Looking through her images I re-live that sense of magic that day! I will truly cherish her images forever! I will definitely be hiring her again for my children's special events going forward."



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